If you are a horror filmmaker keen to collaborate with filmmakers from around the world to produce an ambitious feature length anthology comprised of all our finest efforts then we want you to get in touch now! 


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Project Description 

Feature length horror anthology which explores the world of 'Demons.' Comprised of 4 – 5 minute length short film submissions by filmmakers from around the world. The objective is to produce a work that can showcase the talents and ideas of genre filmmakers to the commercial sphere with a quality feature length product. 


Who we are

Hex Media Ltd is attached to the project and will operate as distributor. Hex Media has pre-existing contacts with festivals, journalists and customers that will give the film a greater chance of success both critically and commercially. Besides Hex Media Ltd, other producers involved who are helping to oversee the project include Alex Harron responsible for filmmaker liasion and script supervisor Thomas Staunton. Lawrie Brewster is responsible for corporate liasion, business development. Brewster is known for his success with the production and distribution of 'The Unkindness of Ravens' and 'Lord of Tears.'


The Pitch

As a filmmaker you will presumably produce in an attempt to produce a portfolio to kickstart your career. Yet most short films struggle to find a wide audience, languishing on social media or playing at some minor event. We wish to encourage filmmakers to produce short films in accordance with our project brief so that we might instead create an anthology feature film. Brewster's experience as genre producer would ensure that the finished project has a coolness and festival edge sought for by top genre festivals and critics.


Is This Project Right For Me

It might but... it might not be. This sort of opportunity requires a certain type of individual who appreciates the particular value of what we are offering.

  1. Are a self-sufficient filmmaker who produces their own short films.

  2. Appreciate the superior opportunity of presenting your work within a feature.

  3. Willing to work with the project producers

What This Project is Not

This project is not a grant or funding opportunity. Hex Media Ltd is only the distributor for this project and not the production company. The only monetary reward for filmmakers will be royalty based.

The Vision

The theme is 'demons' and we envisage our finished anthology portraying each short film as if it were a page from an ancient book of Daemonology. Suitable ideas include those based around a threat to survival from demonic creatures, grotesque possessions and creepy / paranormal interactions. Filmmakers can source demons from ancient religions and mythologies, as well as fictional versions within the public domain (for example the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft)

Creative Brief

Short films should be developed in consultation with the producers to ensure that they adhere to the points shown below.

  1. Length 4 – 5.30 minutes (excluding end credits.)

  2. Required Demon Element

  3. Strong Horror themes (eg. No comedy.)

  4. Visual Spectacle (Powerful visual or effects shot that helps the trailer.)

  5. Technical Proficiency

  6. Original Content

  7. Completed before the 1st of November 2017

  8. Delivery on 24 P (true progressive 24p not 23.976)

  9. 16.9 / 16.10 Aspect Ratio (no crops to 2.35 unless you're Sergio Leone)

    Strong Horror Themes : This refers to the need for short films to be very intense and or with graphic violence, nightmarish visuals or suspense. We suggest watching films such as The ABC's of Death or Southbound to get some ideas cooking. We are not looking for subtle or abstract arthouse renditions of the theme but instead, strong high impact genre storytelling. And please.... no horror-comedy!

    Visual Spectacle : Each short film must include an especially strong and memorable shot which is vital for the trailer. This might include a gory practical effect, or a terrifying creature reveal or one with many costumed extras reflecting high production value.

    Technical Proficiency : We expect all films to be shot, edited and graded in a competent and consistent manner.

    Original Content : All work must be an original creation or derived from the public domain.

    Delivery on 24P : All films should be shot on true 24p progressive (not 23.976). Sound mixing and all post-production should be done on a 24p edit also. Please get in touch if you have any questions on this subject.

    How to get Involved

    Stage One Email us at forwearemany13@gmail.com with a short bio and links to previous work.

    Stage Two Write a script in consultation with the project producers.

    Stage Three Shoot and edit your movie.

    Stage Four Project producers will confirm that your short film met the brief.

    Stage Five Hex Media Ltd offers the filmmaker a profit-share distribution agreement. The basis of the agreement consists of a percentage split of net-profits favourable towards the film-maker.



    Hex Media Ltd is only the distributor in this project, neither it nor the filmmakers have any obligation to one another unless specified otherwise. Hex Media Ltd takes no legal responsibility for the responsibilities and precautions taken by producers to ensure that their productions adhere to the laws of their country. Hex Media Ltd also reserves the right to rescind filmmaker participation with the project should any issues legal, moral or otherwise be revealed.

    Contact:  forwearemany13@gmail.com

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