The Black Gloves 3 Disc Special Edition (Pre-Order)

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Hex Media

Estimated : February 2018

Deep in the Scottish Highlands, Dr. Finn Galloway suspects a terrifying conspiracy to unleash an unimaginable Horror...

Dr. Finn Galloway is a psychologist obsessed with the mysterious death of his young patient, and her belief in a strange and terrifying entity... 

Determined to find answers, Finn discovers a vital clue when he learns that once-famous ballerina Elisa Grey now lives in crippling fear of a similar entity... the so-called Owlman.

"Very good. Great images... and great visual storytelling and evocation of Soavi and Bava." Guilermo Del Toro 

Package Includes :

Beautiful 8 Panel 3 Disc Package
Deleted Scenes
Commentaries with Cast & Crew
Interviews with Cast & Crew
New Owlman Pranks
Cult of the Owlman Documentary
Huge BTS Documentary
Creepy Owlman Tales
Epic CD Soundtrack
Region Free NTSC/PAL compatible

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